Security Guard Services

Security Guard Services

About Astrol Security Guards Services

With more than 40 years of experience, Astrol is one of the top accredited full-service security guards service providers in Singapore. We remain committed to providing appropriate and effective security solutions for our customers.

Our extensive experience, together with our security professionals, are well qualified to ensure your security. We are always looking out for ways to improve competencies and make use of some of the latest technologies. Our scope of service is wide and have proven track records in the following sectors:

  • Retail Building and Store Security 
  • Commercial Building Security 
  • Industrial Property Security 
  • Residential Estate Security
We welcome you to contact us for a no-obligation discussion on how we can assist you with your Security Guard requirements and needs.


Frequently Requested Security Guard Services

We offer professional security services for all types of events, private or public such as corporate forums, exhibitions, product launches, large sports tournaments, etc. Our team of professional guards is properly trained to manage crowd control, and detect threats and hazards.
Commercial, Retail and Corporate Building Security: Our security guards are properly trained to spot and detect theft, perform visitor registration, patrol, and 24/7 monitoring. Our guards are all fully uniformed to serve as a visual deterrent.

We offer security services for schools, including polytechnics and universities

One of our strongest competencies is to provide effective security guard services for residential estates. Not only do we provide security guard services, CCTV installation and monitoring are also available.

This is especially important as our manned help protects against site equipment, machinery, and material loss and intrusion after site hours.

We have dedicated teams that can offer 24/7 protection for special VIP ensuring safety with minimal inconvenience.

Night business are typically more risky, and we can provide specially trained guards to handle.

Why Choose Our Guard Force

At Astrol, we believe in offering the best value security guards service in the market. We can tailor affordable plans based on client requirements. 

We are
licensed by Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD). All our security officers are carefully selected and well trained. We make use of updated technology to reduce costs and enhance effectiveness. This allows us to offer very affordable service without compromising on the quality of security guards’ service. 

We pride ourselves as being the
top-notched security provider in Singapore. Our team of dedicated staff and professional guards, together with modern security tools and devices, offer one of the most effective services in Singapore. 

Being a
one-stop security guards service provider allows us to customise many features at a lower cost. We offer one of the most competitively priced security services in Singapore.

Our Accreditations

  • Member of Association of Certified Security Agencies – ACSA 
  • Singapore Police Force License (PLRD)


  • Set up since year 2000 and headed by Pro-Active Managers and Executives with vast on-the-ground experience
  • Licensed by the Singapore Police Force (PLRD)
  • Undertakes Security Planning & Design, Project Management, Audits/Reviews, Security Manpower, Patrolling Services, and Executive Protection, etc.
  • Our Static Security Guards Service – Fully trained and licensed Static Security Guards with experience of working in a variety of sites, varying from construction sites, company offices, warehousing, storage and retail premises all over Singapore

Quality of Staff/Security Guards

  • WSQ Certified and trained
  • With no criminal conviction
  • Physically and Mentally able
  • PLRD (SPF) license

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