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Design & Installation

Designing a robust security system for a residence or business is more than replacing or adding a few security cameras and installing an alarm. Homeowners and entrepreneurs alike must understand their fundamental needs before they can figure out the best system that works for them and their budget.

Fortunately, you can count on our experts at Astrol Security to design and implement the system you require. Our team is committed to providing the best in class and leading-edge technology to streamline and safeguard your assets. We take a comprehensive approach to protecting your safety and properties, providing detailed security system consultation, design, and installation.

Regardless of the security system and equipment you require, Astrol Security can deliver. Rest assured that our team will take all your requirements into consideration at every step of the project to implement the ideal security solution that offers maximum protection.


Auto gates are an essential component of any modern security system, providing an additional layer of protection for homes. They offer a physical barrier that restricts access to a property, deterring potential intruders and protecting against theft and vandalism, thus enhancing the safety and security of residents.


Vehicle access control barrier systems function as traffic safeguards to control vehicular traffic at the entrances and exits of a premise, restricting entry to unauthorised vehicles and dangerous areas, thus preventing potential damage to infrastructure and compromising the safety of others. These systems can also be customised to meet the specific security needs of a property, ensuring that only authorised vehicles are permitted to enter.


CCTV cameras are an essential tool for safeguarding both residential and business properties, providing a reliable means of keeping a lookout for potential intruders. An effective CCTV system allows homeowners and entrepreneurs to maintain a constant record of activities in the monitored locations, enhancing the security of the premise.

CCTV cameras can also function as a deterrent against potential intruders and burglars, with their presence making the property a less attractive target. The CCTV system can be integrated with other security features like alarms and access control systems to provide a comprehensive security solution. As a result, property owners can have peace of mind knowing their well-being and assets are safe.


Intercom systems provide a reliable means of controlling access to a property and monitoring potential security threats. They allow property owners to communicate with visitors and verify their identities before granting access, preventing unauthorised entry and reducing the risk of security breaches. Higher-end intercom systems are also available in video and audio format, featuring a handset, monitor, door station, and an in-built camera to communicate with visitors.


A security alarm system can offer property owners peace of mind when they are away from the premises. The system will detect unauthorised entry, motion, and other security breaches. When the alarm is triggered, it will immediately alert property owners and authorities through an audible alarm and/or a monitoring service. Such systems are often used in conjunction with motion detection and glass break sensors to enhance the safety and security of a property.


Door access systems can help ensure that only authorised personnel is granted access to a premise, thus preventing a security breach. This security tool is connected to an alarm system that will trigger when an unauthorised person tries to gain access.

Such systems can be customised to meet the specific requirements of the property owner, with various options available, ranging from basic keycard or keypad systems to more advanced biometric systems that use fingerprints or facial recognition.

Property owners can now determine who can access any given area, restricting unauthorised personnel from entering sensitive areas of the building. They can also track and monitor who has accessed the property, as the system maintains an audit trail of all entry and exit activity.

Do not hesitate to contact our security experts at 6777 2828 or if you seek a robust security system to enhance the security of your property. Our team can assess your needs and recommend the most suitable products that fit your requirements.