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Why You Should Consider Switching To An Access Control System

Why You Should Consider Switching To An Access Control System

A corporate security system in Singapore is an often underrated aspect of running a business. Traditionally, security consisted simply of locks and keys with trust placed in the hands of employees with little oversight. Now however, with sophisticated electronic security, there are much better options for business owners to consider.

An access control system does what it says on the tin. It is a method of denying and granting access to certain locations like an office building or a restricted area. Usually done electronically, access control systems offer a host of benefits for business owners who can take advantage of the unique options they offer.

Minimises Security Risks

Physical keys are generally good enough for homes where only a small number of people hold on to them. In a company, where a large number of employees might need access, it becomes a very different situation. A lost key represents a significant security risk where locks might need to be changed wholesale to prevent unauthorised access.

Door access systems in Singapore with key cards simplify the problem while also shoring up security. Lost key cards can be easily removed from the system and new key cards can be issued as required. This streamlines the process of providing and rescinding entry permissions.

 Door access system Singapore Audit Trails

Audit Trails

Access control systems also give power to business owners to monitor and keep track of ingress and egress. If a security incident occurs, checking the logs provides invaluable information that will help with any subsequent audit. The logs will show who entered the premises, what time they entered, and how long they might have stayed in there. 

Door access system Singapore Eliminates Hassle

Eliminates Hassle

For small businesses with lower security requirements, a simple lock and key system might be enough. However if you have employees numbering in the tens or the hundreds, each with different levels of access, then you’ll need something more complex. If your business deals with expensive equipment or confidential information, then a sophisticated high-tech security system is an even higher priority.

Switching to an access control system makes it less of a hassle for businesses to cope with such security demands. Different areas can have varying security credential requirements without the need to keep track of physical keys. Key cards are also much harder to duplicate than keys, conferring an extra advantage for business owners.

Access Management

A physical key means the employee holding it has access to a secure location at any time. There is little control over their entry and exit. Electronic door access systems provide a solution to this issue by restricting access to specific times. For example only during business hours or on specific days in a week. 

Access control systems are far superior to their traditional lock and key counterparts in many aspects. Once set-up they are easier to manage, provide security oversight, leave audit trails, and are overall more secure than physical keys. 

For burgeoning businesses, they can also represent long-term cost savings from cutting down on other security aspects. Employees might also feel safer in a work environment where only trusted individuals are let in, and unwanted visitors are denied entry.

Finding the right access control system that suits your business requirements can be a hurdle in improving your security processes. Talk to us at Astrol Security today and find out how we can help you switch to an access control system.