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Why Businesses Still Require Mobile Security Patrol Services

Why Businesses Still Require Mobile Security Patrol Services

Advances in technology today have helped eliminate human labour for many mundane tasks, enabling businesses to be more productive. Similarly, with modern surveillance technology, businesses can now keep better track of their premises without having to hire an entire security team. However, are mobile security patrol services really obsolete even in today’s automated landscape? The reality is that the human factor remains an integral part of an effective security system in Singapore, and here are some reasons why businesses should still invest in these professionals.

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More Thorough Area Sweep

More Thorough Area Sweep-Security system Singapore

Arguably the biggest advantage that security guards have over CCTV cameras is that they’re not static and can actually sweep every nook and cranny of the business premises, covering blindspots that can’t be detected or covered by the latter, and generally being able to cover a greater area without costing as much as automated security services in Singapore would for the same perimeters. 

Physical Intervention

Physical Intervention-Security services Singapore

A CCTV security system in Singapore is an effective crime deterrent, but when a crime does occur, they’re essentially powerless to stop the perpetrators. Granted, with modern technology, security footage can be quickly sent to the authorities, but the damage would’ve already been done, and it would still take time for the suspects to be apprehended. Mobile security guards, on the other hand, can physically intervene when a crime is being committed, stopping it and saving businesses precious time and money by not having to clean up a huge mess in the aftermath.

Efficient Alarm Responses

Efficient Alarm Responses-Security services Singapore

Besides inspection and patrolling services, mobile security services in Singapore can also respond efficiently to alerts, leveraging on security technologies and other advanced systems to maintain a timely response rate. More often than not, mobile security guards are also more affordable than the exorbitant fees that often come with liaising directly with police enforcement, which makes even more financial sense when you consider that sensor warnings tend to be false alarms.

Random Check-ins

Random Check-ins-Security services Singapore

Solely having an automated security system in Singapore removes the element of surprise as everything runs like clockwork, as scheduled, and if there’s a schedule, there’s predictability as well. If someone is really intent on intruding, they could study your security setup and look for loopholes. The human factor minimises that predictability as mobile security guards are able to conduct spontaneous checks that would-be perpetrators wouldn’t have been able to predict beforehand. This makes it harder for them to figure out your routines and schedules. Additionally, having human presence in your premises makes for better deterrence.

Additional Services

Additional Services-Security services Singapore

There is a wide range of additional services that mobile security guards can provide that automated security services in Singapore can’t. For instance, mobile security guards can escort employees and other personnel in and out of the premises securely, perform first-line maintenance like simple repairs, and basic but important spot checks, like ensuring that windows and doors are locked, and so on.

Ultimately, while it’s important to take advantage of modern surveillance technology to enhance the safety of your business, it will be a long time before they can offer services like mobile security guards are able to. Give your business security the human touch today with Astrol Security. For more information about what we can offer, please visit our website.