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Why Businesses Should Install Car Park Barriers On Their Premises

Why Businesses Should Install Car Park Barriers On Their Premises

Car park barriers are a common sight when you visit large corporations, private properties, or multi-storey car parks. If you are an entrepreneur with a business car park connected to your company premises, you should consider installing a vehicle access control system at the entrance of the car park.


While some business owners might not see the need for a car park gantry barrier, you should not discount it as an unnecessary expense. There are numerous benefits to installing an access control system at the entrance of your car park. We have compiled a list of the advantages of having a car park barrier to demonstrate why this entry system should not be overlooked.


1. Prevent unauthorised personnel from entering the premises

Prevent unauthorised personnel from entering the premises Car park barrier

Singapore is widely regarded as one of the safest countries in the world, with consistently low crime rates. This statistic may lull many Singaporeans into a false sense of security. However, it is crucial for entrepreneurs to remain vigilant and ensure their business premises are secure.


In fact, preventing unauthorised personnel from accessing your premises should be a top priority. This is because arson is one of the biggest causes of fire in the workplace. By installing a barrier gate on the premises, you can restrict access to only you and your employees. It also allows you to stop and identify anyone trying to gain access to your premises without permission.


2. Ensure the safety of your employees

It is your responsibility as a business owner to ensure the safety of your employees when they are on the business premises so that they can carry on with their work undistracted. If your employees do not feel safe at work, their productivity may be impacted. 


In addition to hiring security guards and installing a CCTV system on your business premises, a car park gantry barrier provides another layer of security for the people working on-site. This also extends to their personal vehicles since the gate prevents unauthorised personnel from sneaking in and breaking into their cars to access their personal belongings.


3. Prevent the car park from becoming overfilled

Prevent the car park from becoming overfilled Car park barrier

Imagine the frustration of turning up to work and discovering that there are no available parking spots for your personal vehicle. And to make matters worse, some of the parking spots are occupied by those who don’t even work for your company. Fortunately, an automated car park barrier can prevent this scenario from happening. 


4. Prevent through traffic

If your business is situated between two different roads, you would likely have experienced plenty of drivers using your premise as a shortcut. However, this action is dangerous as it can cause unnecessary levels of traffic at unpredictable times through your premises. 


A barrier gate helps to eliminate the potential for through traffic, minimising the risks of an accident occurring and creating a safer zone for employees to navigate. Less traffic also means that in the event of a fire, there is a lower risk when evacuating employees, and the fire services can access your premises quicker. 


We hope what we have shared has provided you with a better understanding of the importance of having a car park barrier. By opting to install a vehicle access control system, you are taking a proactive step in creating a safer environment for you and your employees to operate.


If you are unsure which type of barrier is suited to your needs, do not hesitate to contact our experienced team, who can access your requirements and determine the ideal vehicle access control system for your business premises.