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Why Businesses Should Consider Installing Fingerprint Door Access System

Can you recall the number of people that access your business premise daily? Unless you deliberately observe your office entrance for the entire day, you will be hard-pressed to come up with an answer due to the regular influx of visitors. And in a world where security and privacy become increasingly important, allowing unauthorised guests easy access to your office should definitely raise a red flag. 

When your business premise lacks an adequate door access system to deter unauthorised visitors, you are compromising the well-being of your employees and increasing the risk of your company data leaking. To mitigate this issue, you should consider installing a fingerprint door access system

And the benefits of this system go beyond ironclad security. Read on to learn the compelling reasons why your business requires a robust biometric authentication system.

Benefit #1: Improved security

Enhanced security is the obvious and immediate benefit of installing a door access system. While it is common to see many organisations opt to hire a receptionist or security guard to monitor the coming and going of visitors, they are often an insufficient deterrent to trespassers. 

It only takes a momentary lapse in concentration for an unauthorised visitor to sneak into the building. Furthermore, no one will suspect a thing since everyone assumes they have been vetted at the front desk upon entry. 

Thankfully, this will no longer be an issue with a fingerprint door access system. Visitors must ensure their fingerprints match the registered biometrics stored within the system to enter the building. Therefore, the risk of unauthorised entry is minimised.

Benefit #2: Improved time-attendance tracking

Are you still using a card-clocking system to track your employees’ punctuality? If the answer is yes, you might have encountered plenty of inaccuracies when your payroll cycle approaches. Expect plenty of “I forgot to clock in/clock out” excuses to pop up when you seek to clarify these discrepancies. 

Fortunately, this issue can be avoided with a fingerprint security system. A biometric system can accurately capture when your employees arrive and leave work, resulting in fewer mistakes and more accurate time logs. You no longer have to worry about your payroll issues as the system can’t be spoofed. 

Benefit #3: Difficult to break into the system

A fingerprint scanner may appear fragile and delicate, but don’t judge a book by its cover. Trespassers will find it challenging to hack into and interfere with this security system, as it is highly durable. Moreover, most fingerprint scanners are equipped with an alarm that will trigger if anyone attempts to meddle with the system. 

Benefit #4: Provide greater convenience

Picture this: you forgot your access card or the pin for your door access system, and you have to wait for someone else to open the door for you to enter your business premise. Sound familiar? Well, you will be glad to know you aren’t the only person who has encountered this situation.

A fingerprint door access system eliminates this concern and provides you with greater convenience since you always carry your biometric credentials with you. As such, there is no need for security administrators to reset the password every time an employee forgets their credentials.

It is your primary responsibility as a business owner to safeguard your business premise, thereby providing your employees with peace of mind and ensuring confidential company data remains well-protected. And all of these can be achieved by installing a fingerprint door access system

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