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What To Look Out For When Choosing A CCTV Camera

What To Look Out For When Choosing A CCTV Camera

As our nation’s famous safety campaign noted, “Low crime doesn’t mean no crime”. While we are blessed to live in one of the safest countries in the world, it is still prudent to invest in adequate security measures to safeguard your home or business from nefarious intruders. This is especially crucial for entrepreneurs since business security is essential for growth.

To address these security concerns, many Singaporeans opt to install a CCTV system at their homes or offices, which is an excellent choice. However, it does not mean one should be haphazard in their decision. Choosing the right CCTV system in Singapore is essential to keep your property safe. And when it comes to acquiring the ideal equipment, there are several factors to consider. Read on to learn what these considerations are.

Factor #1: Quality vs budget

CCTV system in Singapore Quality vs budget

There are numerous security products available on the market, each with its individual specifications. As a result, you are sure to find a CCTV camera that fits your budget. While it is tempting to opt for the cheapest model to save on your expenses, we advise prioritising quality over cost. This is because a low-budget CCTV system often lacks the essential features.

Factor #2: Location of the camera

CCTV system in Singapore Location of the camera

Are you planning to install your security cameras indoors or outdoors? This question is pertinent as various models are designed to work in different situations. For example, if you wish to install your security cameras outdoors, you need devices that are durable and can withstand the elements. If not, you may find yourself requiring CCTV maintenance regularly.

Another question to ask yourself is: how big is the area you need to cover? You may only need one camera if you are monitoring an enclosed space like a cashier counter. Conversely, if the place is substantial, you will need several security cameras or equipment with zoom, pan and tilt functions.

Factor #3: Lighting demands

When you purchase your CCTV system, you will expect it to provide crystal-clear footage at any time of the day. However, some models possess technical limitations that make them unsuitable for specific light conditions. So if you plan to install your cameras in a low-light environment or record footage at night, you require equipment with infrared features. 

Factor #4: Privacy

CCTV system in Singapore Privacy

If you are operating a retail store, you would likely place a warning sign to remind customers that your business is under surveillance to discourage potential shoplifters. In this situation, you should install visible cameras, like bullet CCTV cameras, as an obvious deterrence.

In contrast, if you are guarding high-value property, you should opt for something more discreet such as a pinhole camera. Or models that are typically equipped with motion detection technology. Naturally, these added features come at extra costs. So it is vital to know which CCTV system you require to identify the one that best suits your budget and needs.

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing your ideal CCTV system. And we understand how this can sometimes be a dilemma. Therefore, it is always good to seek professional advice when selecting a suitable CCTV for your home or business premise. A reliable security professional can assess your property and recommend a system that meets your needs and budget. 

At Astrol Security Engineering Pte Ltd, our team understands the value of having reliable security. As such, we provide a host of dependable security services, including CCTV installation, to help safeguard your family and business. Do not hesitate to contact our security experts today to help enhance the security of your place.