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Vehicle Access Control Barriers: Helping Business in the New Normal

Office parking is a tricky issue for as long as business owners can remember. But, it has drastically improved over the years due to control barrier systems. They offer solutions like limiting access to car parks, reducing queuing time and improving customer flow. This is why many companies, like startups, small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) and multinational corporations (MNCs), invest in them.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  control barrier systems play a more significant role in the business sector than ever. They can help in the transition to the “new normal” where people still need to practice safe distancing measures. How do these systems work? Read on for details. 

Vehicle Control Barrier System - Astrol Security


Reinstate restrictions

After the circuit breaker measures were lifted in Singapore, vehicle numbers outside residential properties increased as people began to move in and out of commercial facilities. This is where control barrier systems come into play. 

They can efficiently reinstate restrictions for parking spaces and loading bays. Safe delivery of stock and essential goods can be facilitated with ease. Also, by restricting sections of parking facilities, services areas that need to be regularly sanitized and maintained are reduced, which is more economical and efficient for businesses. 


Access for the right personnel

Control barrier systems can be programmed to only allow access to certain areas. This is essential when it comes to preventing the spread of COVID-19 or performing contact tracing. Fingerprint Access Control Systems can be placed nearby and they include the identification of the business personnel. There are some systems that track visitor vehicles, making contact tracing more effective and efficient. 

Parking systems can also provide insights to the number of individuals who enter and leave a business facility. Data on when people arrive and leave can be compiled in an effective and efficient manner. 

Furthermore, as only authorised individuals are allowed to enter, theft and anti-social behaviour can be prevented.


Proper communication

During this pandemic, communication remains more vital than ever. Business owners need to properly communicate the importance of safely using parking facilities and instill safe distancing measures. Control barriers can be implemented with dynamic signages at entrances and exits to get the message across quickly and efficiently.


Summing up

Due to certain transportation and parking restrictions in these unprecedented times, it’s best to  employ appropriate parking measures to limit the spread of the infectious disease and transition seamlessly to our new-normal lives. Control barrier systems are worthwhile investments that can deliver endless gains in parking lot management.

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