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Top 4 Benefits of Barrier Systems

Gate barriers are a common sight in Singapore. They can be found everywhere such as the carparks of shopping malls, offices and Housing Development Board (HDB) flats.

Acting as a physical barrier, this system deters unwanted intruders as well as restricts vehicular traffic at the entrance and exit points of an area.

If you still rely on security guards to manually oversee and control the traffic in your area, here are four benefits of installing a gate barrier system and why you should make the switch.


1. Enhanced Security

Boom barriers are sturdy barricades that provide an additional layer of security by only allowing authorised vehicles to enter the space. This prevents other unauthorised vehicles such as heavy vehicles which may damage the company’s property

If you do your online research, there are typically three different types of gate barrier systems that you see online.

In condominiums and office buildings, the gate barrier is controlled by a reader or license plate camera and only vehicles with an authorised card/device or recognised license plate can enter.

In carparks of shopping malls or HDB flats, visitors will have to make payment by inserting a card into their vehicles’ IUs before they can enter or exit the carpark.

For individuals who prefer more manual control, boom barriers can also be activated by site operatives with a remote controller or a push button.


2. Better Traffic Management

If your property is located in a popular area, chances are there will be many illegal parking cases by non-residents and non-staff members.

This results in high traffic volume and congestion at the entry and exits of the area, preventing the true residents and staff members from parking their vehicles. Significant time is also lost while navigating through the chokepoints in the congested carpark.

However, the problem can be resolved with gate barrier systems. They can be installed to prevent these unauthorised vehicles from entering the area in the first place, freeing up the parking spaces for residents, staff members, and authorised visitors only.


3. Greater Flexibility

From homes to hotels, gate barriers can be installed anywhere due to their customisable features.

They come in different beam lengths (from 2 metres onwards) and shapes to suit the area where you wish to restrict access, whether it is a small private property with regular cars or a large public facility with big trucks and lorries.

In areas with limited or low overhead clearances, the arm articulation of the gate barrier can also be adjusted to fit the maximum height accordingly.


4. Increased Productivity At Lower Costs

Once the gate barriers are installed, less manpower is needed to guard the entry and exit points of carparks, saving you the costs of hiring manpower in the long run. There is no longer a need for guards to constantly oversee the gate, which is also more convenient.

Compared to a manual barrier, there are greater cost savings of both time and resources if an automatic gate barrier is installed.

The security guards can also be then deployed for other more productive purposes such as patrolling the grounds, instead of sitting in the guardhouse to open and close the gates.


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