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The Benefits of Convex Mirrors in Retail Stores

Safeguarding against shop theft prevents unwanted loss of goods and protects your income. Retail store owners cannot be complacent and do their part to ensure the goods are safe.

Convex mirrors are also easy to install, maintain and can last for a long time. It is a straightforward way to drastically reduce shoplifting and theft. However, for the mirrors to work effectively, they need to be placed in key places. 

We’ve put together some tips and pointers for you to strategically place your convex mirrors. 

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The Ceiling: At the Center of the Store

For a spacious store with wide aisles and tall shelves, a good place to install a convex mirror is in the centre of the facility, best if mounted on the ceiling. Tall aisles make it easier for shoplifters to conceal their activities from shop clerks. 

For best results, choose dome convex mirrors so each aisle can be seen within a 360-degree radius. With this approach, an employee doesn’t have to patrol the aisles all the time.


Corner Spots

For small facilities with limited blind spots and aisles, it is best to choose a corner mirror. The mirror can uncover blind spots and give a wide view of the whole store. Other than reducing risks of theft and shoplifting, it also allows business owners or managers to easily keep an eye on their employees.


Opposite Busy Spots

Another good place to install a convex mirror is across busy corners or areas where customers and employees enter and exit. For instance, if you have specific areas for carts and trolleys, it is best to install a convex mirror there. This can prevent potentially dangerous collisions as well as theft and shoplifting.

You can also install convex mirrors in busy places like restaurants where waiters carry food around regularly, and warehouses where forklifts are used in daily operations. 


Other essential uses

In addition to preventing theft, shoplifting, and the like, convex mirrors can also improve overall safety by means of preventing accidents and other untoward incidents. This is the reason why they are mostly seen in parking lots, malls, schools, hospitals, warehouses, and so on. 

They provide the best viewing effect and are the ideal solutions for areas with high risk of accidents, vandalism, pilferage, and others. In the parking lot for example, they instantly enhance visibility by widening the view for drivers as well as pedestrians, especially if placed in blind spots.  Also, convex mirrors can be placed in busy intersections to improve traffic flow and in the process, prevent unnecessary inconvenience and congestion. 


Summing up

Convex mirrors are versatile accessories that are effective in improving security and safety. Regardless of the size of the retail store, restaurant, or warehouse, convex mirrors are practical investments that deliver endless gains. They drastically reduce theft and shoplifting and ensure safety is not compromised, especially if you install them together with CCTVs.

Plus, if placed in parking lots and intersections, you can drastically reduce the occurrence of accidents and other untoward incidents. Contact a tried and tested service provider to get your convex mirrors today.