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Strengthening Your Security With A License Plate Recognition System

Security cameras play a crucial role in safeguarding your premises.

However, a regular security camera will not work when it comes to capturing license plates. The images and/or footage captured will be blurry due to the moving vehicle.

You’ll need a proper license plate recognition system (LPRS) specially designed for capturing license plates on moving vehicles.


How Does A License Plate Recognition System Work?

A license plate recognition system is a more advanced version of a license plate capture camera.

Once a vehicle approaches the barriers, the camera will capture the image of the license plate. The algorithm is smart enough to recognise license plate numbers and convert the images or videos into text. The text will then be checked against a database of pre-registered vehicle license plates.

If it is registered, the barrier will open. If it isn’t registered, the barrier will continue to remain shut and an alert will be sent to the guard post.


Benefits of A License Plate Recognition System

The license plate recognition system can be used by guards to prevent certain vehicles from entering the premises. They can also provide selective vehicle access to restricted areas and keep track of any vehicles overstaying.

1. Fast, secure and automated process: A license plate recognition system can automatically pre-register and categorise vehicles, granting vehicle entry access permission to residents and selective premise access to short-term visitors like guests and contractors.

This eliminates the need for checking residents’ entry passes and manually recording visitor information. Vehicles can smoothly enter premises without coming to an abrupt stationary stop.

2. Vehicle movement tracking and reporting: The vehicle access time is captured upon entry, with a unique timestamp on the database. Any overstaying vehicles will send an alert to the guardpost. The database can be easily filtered to search for particular vehicles or vehicles that entered at a specific time.

3. Safe and highly secure: The license plate recognition system is fully encrypted to protect it against hacks and attacks. Each level of the license plate recognition system’s authorization access can also be set up and adjusted during installation. The access can be modified by a dedicated authorized person when needed.


Install A License Plate Recognition System On Your Premises Today

We install and manage license plate recognition systems (LPRS) in Singapore to restrict access to buildings and premises. To find out what type of license plate recognition systems suits your operations, contact our safety experts today at 6777 2828 or hello@astrolsecurity.net.