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Integrating Automatic Car Park Barriers with Your Existing Security System

Car Park Barriers are must-haves for businesses in Singapore that are looking to effectively and efficiently protect entry as well as exit points of places such as car parks. With the limited spaces in these places, congestion might happen. 

Car Park Barriers prevent this problem and they can be easily integrated with your existing security system. Here are some reasons why you should consider installing vehicle access control barriers.



With car park barriers, it is important to ensure that proper communication is achieved along the way to ensure that only authorized individuals can pass through. One way to accomplish this is to install intercoms together with the said barriers so that visitors can communicate to security personnel. 


License plate recognition

If you are planning to invest in car park barriers, consider integrating them with license plate recognition. License plate recognition allows authorized vehicles to pass through entry and exit points and keeps out any unauthorized vehicles, properly guarding the place. 

They also act as a crime deterrence as all license plate information will be captured, making it harder for the criminal to get away. For a smoother operation, do ensure that records are up-to-date without compromising any individual’s privacy. 


Intelligent video analytics

Take your security and safety to a whole new level by combining car park barriers with cameras that deliver intelligent monitoring through video analytics solutions. 

With video analytics, you can detect the motion of vehicles or individuals and record them, which can be used as evidence should the need arise. Usually linked to closed circuit television (CCTV) or infrared (IR) camera systems, video analytics solutions deliver more flexibility, extended coverage, and extensive control over your premises. 

This can be handy if your employees work late at night or during the wee hours of the morning. 


Photo beam 

Install the car park barriers with photo beams to boost security and safety.
Photo beams work by detecting movements.
With their cutting-edge intelligent sensors, these photo beams are specifically designed to detect dangerous situations and stop gates from opening or closing. With this in mind, you can set parameters that are based on your company’s security and safety guidelines.


Summing up

Automatic car park barriers are vital when it comes to improving the overall safety and security of commercial car parks. However, they should not be stand-alone solutions. To get a wider security coverage, install them with other security equipment and accessories. 

What are you waiting for? Engage a reputable service provider that is known for its fool-proof solutions today.