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How To Safeguard Your CCTV Camera System From Hackers

How To Safeguard Your CCTV Camera System From Hackers

We have greatly benefitted from the technological advancements humans have made in our lifetimes. However, the increasing benefits of WiFi and smart technologies also come with increased security risks. In recent years, there have been growing reports of major corporations falling victim to malicious hackers, with studies indicating cyber-attacks are increasing 50% year over year


Ironically, even the very items that were meant to safeguard you and your property, such as your security cameras, can be illegally accessed. In order for users to access their CCTV system remotely, the cameras need to be connected to the internet, making it vulnerable to hackers. 


Fortunately, there are various ways for you to safeguard your CCTV system from being compromised. Read on to find out the measures you can take to protect yourself.


Tip #1: Only purchase your CCTV system from a reputable source

purchasing CCTV system in Singapore

You are likely to find plenty of inexpensive security camera options if you conduct a quick search on multiple e-commerce platforms. However, they are often poor-quality hardware that features inadequately-designed software to keep manufacturing costs low. 


These security cameras are easy pickings for hackers, who can exploit various oversights in the poorly-designed software to cause widespread havoc in your CCTV system. Therefore, it is crucial for you to only make a purchase from a reputable source.


It is advisable to check the reviews and look up the products offered by the service provider to ensure the company is reliable and the CCTV systems available are top-notch. A reliable firm may also provide CCTV installation services when you purchase the surveillance devices, so you do not have to worry about setting up the system on your own.


Tip #2: Ensure your WiFi network is secure

WiFi network security CCTV system in Singapore

While it is convenient for you to have the ability to access your CCTV system remotely, you will need to establish an internet connection to do so. However, using a WiFi network adds another point of attack for hackers to exploit. 


This does not mean you can’t continue to access your security cameras remotely; you just need to be cautious and ensure your WiFi network is secure. We recommend updating the software on your router and modem regularly. If your modem and router do not have any updates available, you may want to consider upgrading them.


Additionally, it is best to avoid sharing your WiFi password. If you have visitors who need to access your WiFi, we recommend setting up a guest network instead, as guest networks have restrictions in place to prevent hackers from snooping around. 


Tip #3: Set up strong passwords and 2FA to prevent unwanted access

passwords and 2FA CCTV system in Singapore

This tip may seem like a no-brainer, but a study has shown that a percentage of users continue to take big risks with their password choices so that they can recall them easily. However, it is vital to remember that passwords are the first line of defence for preventing unwanted access to our devices. As such, it is recommended to set unique and strong passwords for the CCTV system you own. Additionally, it is best to update your passwords regularly to bolster security. 


You should also consider implementing two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security. This system works by requiring a separate device, usually your smartphone or an authenticator app, to enable login to happen. If you have ever accessed your bank account online, you should be familiar with how this system works. 


Tip #4: Check for firmware and software updates

CCTV system in Singapore software updates

It is vital to conduct regular CCTV maintenance to ensure your surveillance devices remains uncompromised and in pristine condition. Part of that maintenance process involves checking for any firmware or software updates for your security system. 


These updates may provide critical fixes to any vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. As such, it is crucial for you to update your devices as soon as a new update is available to minimise your security risks. 


Some devices can check for and download updates automatically, while others require a manual approach. It is best to clarify which category your CCTV system falls into with the vendor if you are unsure.


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