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Everything You Need to Know About Barrier Systems: Carpark Barriers, Turnstile Systems and More

Barrier systems are installed for a wide variety of purposes, from access control, keeping areas more secure, to diverting people and traffic away from potentially dangerous areas.

Whether they are carpark barriers, turnstile systems, or safety barriers, all barrier systems work in a similar way. They make use of a structure like an arm, gate, or barrier to restrict and/or block access to an area unless there is authentication.

Different Types of Barrier Systems

Carpark Barriers

A key structure in carpark barrier systems is a barrier arm that lifts or closes to allow vehicles entry or exit.

Carpark barriers control the number entering your premises, especially during peak hours. They only allow a certain number of vehicles from entering to facilitate traffic flow and prevent overcrowding inside the carparks. In prime locations, carpark barriers also prevent unauthorised parking as well as misuse of the company’s property.

Certain heavy-duty vehicles that surpass the height limit may damage your carpark’s infrastructure. With a carpark barrier system installed, they can restrict the types of vehicles that enter your carparks.

In certain carpark barriers, vehicle occupants may need to possess a device or card that will be “read” by the card reader machine. The barrier arm will then be lifted to allow entry. This is highly useful in restricting the access of vehicles entering your premises, reserving parking lots only for your staff and certain visitors.

Benefits of Carpark Barriers

  • Restrict the number and types of vehicles entering your premises
  • Free up parking space for staff members and certain visitors
  • Prevent unauthorised parking and misuse of the company’s property
  • Traffic management
  • Less manpower needed to guard the entry and exit points of carparks

Best for: Businesses with carparks that wish to facilitate traffic flow and prevent overcrowding.

Turnstile Systems

A turnstile system consists of a gate that allows the controlled entry or exit of an individual. They prevent access to an area unless an individual has entry and exit approval authentication via keycards, printed barcodes, or QR codes.
This is useful for providing an additional layer of security, especially in buildings where there is heavy human traffic every day. Turnstile systems control the number of visitors that enter your premises. They also serve as deterrents for break-ins and thefts.

After installation and set-up, all the systems are fully automated, which reduces the manpower needed to monitor and enforce access control.

Benefits of Turnstile Systems

  • Extra layer of security
  • Limit the number of visitors that can enter your premises
  • Deterrents for break-ins and thefts on company property
  • Less manpower needed to guard the entry and exit points of buildings

Best for: Business owners who experience heavy human traffic in their buildings on a daily basis.

Safety Barriers

Made of industrial-grade materials, safety barriers can absorb high-shock impacts and reform back to their original shapes. This provides protection against shocks, reducing the risks of injury and damage.

Safety barriers like pedestrian safety barriers can cordon off hazardous areas, reducing confusion and keeping crowds moving smoothly and quickly in a desired direction.

Benefits of Safety Barriers

  • Keep people safe
  • Safeguard infrastructure
  • Reduce repair and maintenance costs

Best for: Businesses dealing with machinery and heavy-duty equipment to protect workers and infrastructure from the hazards of the worksite.

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