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Carpark Barriers Myth Busters

The ubiquitous carpark barriers are great investments for both public and private carparks. Today, we bust some myths that people may still have about them.


Myth #1: Carpark barriers are costly.

Fact: Carpark barriers are cheaper and more cost-effective in the long-run.

Most people have the common misconception that installing carpark barriers are very expensive and require steep upfront costs. Contrary to this popular belief, installing carpark barriers is more cost-effective than other methods, especially in the long-term. There is a wide range of affordable carpark barriers available in Singapore for individuals to choose from, depending on your needs and budget.

Other security methods such as hiring guards may actually be more taxing on the wallet. Take a look at the cost comparison below.


Upfront Costs Total Costs
Per Month
Total Costs
Per Year
NIL Trained Security Officer starting from $4000 (based on the Progressive Wage Model) $48,000
Installing Carpark Barriers Basic carpark barrier model (with installation costs included) starting from $2,500 Maintenance starting from $500 Emergency troubleshooting starting from $180 $10,660


If carpark barriers are installed, annual costs are reduced by $37,340. This difference will be much greater if your company employs more than one security guard.

Despite the heftier upfront costs, a carpark barrier is still worth the investment. Individuals can save a great amount of time, resources, and hassle in the long-term. 

Myth #2: Carpark barriers are unnecessary.

Fact: Carpark barriers are necessary to eliminate manual labour and increase productivity.

Some companies have been depending on security guards for the past few decades and think that carpark barriers are unnecessary for them. After all, their arrangement works, right?

Wrong. Carpark barriers can help to greatly reduce the manpower needed to monitor and enforce access control. After set-up, the barriers will automatically control the volume of car traffic. They only allow authorised individuals to enter the premises and prevent unauthorised parking as well as misuse of the company’s property.

In areas that experience great traffic such as condominiums and office buildings, a guard can still be employed to monitor and control the carpark barriers remotely from the security guardhouse. With carpark barriers, the guards’ productivity also increases. They only need to check and record down details of incoming visitors and not every car that visits the premises, leaving time for other tasks such as patrolling the inner grounds.

Myth #3: Carpark barriers frequently break down and need a lot of maintenance.

Fact: Regular servicing will prevent carpark barriers from breaking down.

Many people have the misconception that carpark barriers always break down and disrupt operations.

However, this is far from the truth. Most security companies who provide carpark barriers have regular servicing packages and 24-hour emergency troubleshooting available.

The servicing includes the inspection of individual components, cleaning, testing, and recommendations to replace worn-out parts so that the carpark barriers are unlikely to break down and cause great inconvenience to the operators.

In the unlikely event that the carpark barriers do break down, certified and specialised engineers will immediately go on-site, no matter the day or time, to fix the carpark barriers so they continue to work efficiently and effectively.