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Are Automatic Gate Barriers Cheaper than Manual Gate Barriers?

Gate barriers are mainly used to safeguard homes and buildings to prevent unauthorised strangers from breaking and entering. Both automatic gate barriers and manual gate barriers cannot be opened without any prior authorisation.

Automatic Gate Barriers VS Manual Gate Barriers

Automatic gate barriers: In an automatic gate barrier, a gearmotor is used to move the gate automatically, without the need for any manual effort.

Manual gate barriers: On the other hand, whenever someone wishes to enter or leave the premises in a secured area, the manual gate barrier has to be opened or closed by hand, usually by a security guard in-charge of the building or a resident in the house.

So are automatic gate barriers cheaper than manual gate barriers? These factors will be considered to determine if the statement is true: installation costs, manpower costs, maintenance costs, and the costs of unexpected emergencies.

Installation Costs

Automatic gate barriers run on electricity. When installing automatic gate barriers, the process is more complicated than installing manual gate barriers. Certified and specialised engineers will have to be on-site to ensure that the wiring and circuits are connected properly so the automatic gate barriers can work effectively.

Manual gate barriers, however, will be much cheaper and easier to install as there are no wiring or electrical parts to be fixed up. 

Manpower Costs

With an automatic gate barrier, drivers can simply open and close the gates with remote controls, sensors, or keypads. The automatic gate barrier will also open and close faster than a manual gate.

There is no longer a need for guards to constantly oversee the gate, which is much more convenient.  

Compared to a manual gate barrier, there are greater cost savings of both time and resources if an automatic gate barrier is installed.

Maintenance Costs

An automatic gate barrier has a motor unit that moves the gates. This motor unit is contained in a hydraulic enbloc housing that needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained. 

A manual gate barrier does not have any motor unit to be maintained. In this case, a manual gate barrier may be relatively easier and cheaper to maintain compared to an automatic gate barrier.  

Unexpected Emergencies’ Costs

Sometimes, an emergency such as a power failure may happen. As the automatic gate barrier runs on electrical power, it’ll not be able to open or close. 

Fortunately, all automatic gate barriers come with an emergency override release key that makes it possible for users to operate the gate manually. Therefore, users do not have to worry about being locked in or out of the premises. However, there may still be chances of failure. Users will then have to call for emergency troubleshooting and repair, which will be costly. 

As for a manual gate unit, it is unlikely to malfunction during power failures as it doesn’t have any electrical parts. 

Automatic Gate Barriers Are Cheaper In The Long-Term

Despite the higher installation, maintenance, and emergency costs, an automatic gate barrier is still worth the investment. Individuals can still save a great amount of time, resources, and hassle in the long-term, such as doing away with security guards hired to open and close the gates. 

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