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4 Factors To Consider When Selecting A Convex Mirror For Security

4 Factors To Consider When Selecting A Convex Mirror For Security

Convex mirrors can help boost security on your premises and lower the risk of vehicle collisions in specific traffic areas. But how do you choose the ideal convex mirror for your property, especially given the number of options available in Singapore? Thankfully, the task becomes much easier once you become aware of the factors to consider beforehand.

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Factor #1: Indoor vs. outdoor use


convex mirror installed in an outdoor-Convex mirror Singapore

The first thing you must clarify before purchasing a convex mirror is whether the object is intended for indoor or outdoor use. The primary difference lies in the mirror’s lens material. Stainless steel is commonly used in outdoor convex mirrors, as it can withstand weather exposure .

Outdoor convex mirrors must be able to withstand the elements. So you will require a mirror built with more robust materials. It would also be preferable for your outdoor convex mirror to feature sturdy brackets that prevent the mirror from shifting, as well as a sun visor to minimize glare.

Factor #2: The material of the convex mirror

Naturally, the material of the convex mirror will determine its lifespan. More robust materials, such as stainless steel, are usually used to produce heavy-duty convex mirrors, which are used in areas prone to vandalism or exposed to the elements. This is why such convex mirrors are ideal for outdoor use. 

Conversely, indoor convex mirrors are typically made of polycarbonate or acrylic. While they may not be as durable and can easily be scratched or damaged, the material ensures these mirrors are lightweight, easy to install, and less expensive. Polycarbonate convex mirrors, in particular, offer a cleaner reflection.

Factor #3: Size of the convex mirror

Size of the convex mirror-Convex mirror Singapore

Obviously, the bigger your convex mirror, the more visible things will be. However, this does not mean you mean you should just get the largest convex mirror and call it a day. After all, this is definitely the most expensive route. At the end of the day, you only require a convex mirror that covers your premises adequately.

So how can you determine the correct size for your convex mirror? Well, you can start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What do you hope to see in the convex mirror?
  • How far will you be using the convex mirror?
  • Where will you install the convex mirror?
  • What is the maximum visibility you hope to achieve with the convex mirror?

Here is a good rule of thumb to keep in mind: one foot of viewing should equate to one inch of the convex mirror. For example, you should consider a convex mirror of around 32 inches in diameter if you require it to view a distance of 25 feet.

Factor #4: Distance and angle 

The placement of your convex mirror matters significantly. The distance and angle will determine the size of the mirror needed to provide adequate coverage for your premises. If the mirror is too small or installed at the wrong angle, it will not provide sufficient coverage, thus defeating the purpose of installing a convex mirror in the first place. 

So when installing your convex mirror, ensure it is placed at an eye-level height that allows for easy viewing. Additionally, please consider the lighting in the area since poor lighting can affect the visibility of the mirror. We recommend consulting an expert if you have any questions about the distance and angle required for the installation.

We hope what we shared can help you to choose the right convex mirror for your property. But if you are still unsure about the selection process, let an expert help you! At Astrol Security, our team can guide you in selecting the correct type of convex mirror based on your needs. We also offer a comprehensive range of security services and products to safeguard your home and business. 
Do not hesitate to contact us today to learn how we can help you.