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Automatic Gate Singapore – Sliding or Swinging Auto Gates

Automatic Gate Singapore – Sliding or Swinging Auto Gates

Automatic Gate Singapore – Sliding or Swinging Auto Gates

Looking for the Best Auto Gates Systems and Barriers in Singapore? Consider installing reliable systems such as sliding or swing auto gates that provide convenience and security to any property or facility. It is very important that an Automatic Gate System is designed with safety in mind, as the automatic gate is only one component of the total gate operating system.

Each component of your auto gate in Singapore must work in unison to provide the end-user with convenience, security, and safety.

A siren will be triggered when an intrusion is detected from any of the protected zones. The relevant zone number will be shown on the LED/LCD keypad. The siren can be stopped by keying in the “arming / disarming” code.

We offer the following Automatic Gate Systems:

Swing Gate Type

  • FAAC Motor – 400 Auto Swing Gates Motor
  • FAAC400 – Auto Swing Gate Motor
  • FAAC415 – Auto Swing Gate motor
  • FAACS800H – Hydraulic Swing Auto Gate motor
  • Good 1 Swing Auto Gate Motor

Sliding Gate Type

  • FAAC Motor – 746ER Auto Sliding Gate Motor
  • FAAC Motor – 844ER Auto Sliding Gate Motor
  • FAAC Motor – 884ER Auto Sliding Gate Motor

We also carry other range of Automatic Gate Systems that include:

  • Dormer Range
  • NICE Auto Gate
  • RIB, Italy Auto Gate
  • Signal Auto Gate
  • TAU Auto Gate

Why Choose Astrol Security Engineering For Automatic Gate Systems?

Singapore’s Trusted Automatic Gate Systems Expert

Our automatic gate systems are rigorously tested and certified to meet global safety standards. Able to deliver the best performance in the toughest environments, you can be assured of the safety of your property and facilities with the help of our auto gates.

Wide Range Of Auto Gate Systems In Singapore

We provide a wide range of auto gates in Singapore to match all our customers’ requirements and budgets. Our automatic gate systems can be applied in various scenarios, like car parks, industrial spaces, and landed houses.

Highly Experienced Team Of Experts On Automatic Gate Systems

With over 30 years of experience, our team of automatic gate systems specialists are experienced in installing, maintaining and handling all your auto gate needs in Singapore. We also provide round-the-clock auto gate servicing and emergency troubleshooting services. 

Discover How Astrol Security Engineering Can Safeguard Your Property

We provide automatic gate systems in Singapore to keep people safe, safeguard buildings and infrastructure, as well as reduce operational costs. To find out what type of protection suits your operations and needs, contact our safety experts today at 67772828 or hello@astrolsecurity.net.

Automatic Gate Systems Gallery

Check out our previous installation projects for auto gate in Singapore and see why you should choose Astrol Security for your auto gate needs!