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CCTV System

CCTV System

CCTV system mounted on top of a wall

CCTV, or Closed Circuit Television, is most commonly used for monitoring and video surveillance. CCTV Security Cameras are now universally featured in many public and private institutions, from correctional facilities to the convenience store. CCTV systems reduce the costs of staffing and operating monitoring centre and make it possible to maintain a constant watch on all areas of the facility.


Having an effective CCTV system in place allows you to maintain a constant record of activities in the locations being monitored. It also increases the overall security of a location / facility and can even reduce your security costs in the long run.


With a well laid-out CCTV system in place, one or two security officers / guards in a central location can monitor and protect all entrances and exits as well as the high-value areas of your home / business / office / factory / facility / equipment.

With advances in digital data storage for CCTV systems, it’s now possible to store large amounts of CCTV footage (in detail) over time, making it easier for prosecution purposes or even to settle disputes.

Having visible CCTV system cameras also provides benefits all on their own. They can act as a deterrent for a would-be criminal, even if the security camera is a dummy version, as the potential perpetrator / vandal usually will not risk their activities being caught on film by any camera. For this reason, CCTV installation in Singapore has been very vital for security in most modern residential buildings.

CCTV Surveillance has become much less expensive over the years. As a deterrent against theft and robbery, CCTV system can be installed in both large and small institutions and even homes.

With improvements in technology, instead of low-resolution analogue videos, customers are now implementing high definition digital recordings with enhanced features such as facial recognition, number plate recognition, people / vehicle tracking, wireless & self-charging and battery power for remote deployment, miniaturized digital cameras for covert monitoring and many more. Authorities have adopted CCTV installation as a way of curtailing crime in public. In many areas of the country, CCTV Security Cameras have been placed in highly crowded public spaces as a security measure against terrorism.

CCTV surveillance systems can also be monitored remotely. IP cameras allow anyone with the correct address and password to monitor the sites from just about anywhere in the world.

Astrol Security Engineering Pte Ltd is the premier supplier and installer as well as maintenance provider of electronic CCTV surveillance systems in Singapore. We offer budget-friendly top quality CCTV systems and customize them to satisfy your needs. We carry reputable brands of CCTV system such as Samsung, Hikvision, Vesco, Dahua, Panasonic amongst many others. Not only are we one of the leading vendors in professional CCTV systems, we are also unmatched in our dedication to improving customer satisfaction from reliable CCTV installation to prompt after sales assistance.

We offer advanced state-of-the-art customized CCTV surveillance systems. Our CCTV installation setup can include an unlimited number of CCTV Cameras to be connected to your network which allow multiple video streams to be accessible to designated computers.

Digital Video Recorders (DVR) for CCTV surveillance system

At the heart of the CCTV systems is the Digital Video Recorders (DVR). Our high definition DVR recording system can be securely networked and connected to multiple sites, allowing easy monitoring of live and historical CCTV video footage.


CCTV Cameras – The DVRs are connected to a range of CCTV surveillance cameras. CCTV installation and video camera deployment can be selected based on the needs of the location & environment. We offer weatherproof, multiple angles, indoor / outdoor, overt / covert, night / day CCTV systems customised for your needs. Our range of CCTV Video Cameras comes with high-quality sensors providing clear images.


CCTV Surveillance Software – Our robust and user-friendly CCTV system management tools allow easy control of the cameras, access live and historical video, perform object recognition and many more. Book our CCTV installation service today.

How To Select Your CCTV System?

Define Your Objectives and Needs:

Before choosing a CCTV system, clearly define your objectives and specific needs. Determine the areas you want to monitor, the level of detail required in the footage, and whether you need surveillance indoors or outdoors. Consider factors like night vision, weather resistance, and audio recording capabilities. 

Choose the Right Camera Types:

Selecting the appropriate CCTV system camera types is crucial. Consider factors like camera resolution (measured in megapixels), camera style (dome, bullet, PTZ, etc.), and the camera’s field of view. Higher resolution cameras capture more detail, while different styles are suitable for different mounting locations. PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras offer flexibility in adjusting the viewing angle. Make sure your camera choices match the specific areas you want to cover.

Evaluate Recording and Storage Options:

Determine how you plan to store and access recorded footage. Choose between NVR (Network Video Recorder) and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) systems, depending on whether you prefer IP cameras or analog cameras. Consider the storage capacity needed for your recording duration, and decide whether you’ll use on-site storage or cloud-based solutions. Ensure that your selected CCTV installation system offers reliable and secure storage options to retain critical footage for review and investigation.

We offer the following CCTV Surveillance Systems:

Whatever your requirements are, we have the right CCTV system to offer! Check out our packages available for CCTV installation today.

Samsung DVR & Camera

Samsung SCD-2022RP Dome Camera
Samsung SCD-5083RP Dome Camera
Samsung SCO-5083RP Bullet Camera
Samsung SRD-476DP – 4 Channel DVR
Samsung SRD-876DP – 8 Channel DVR
Samsung SRD-1656DP – 16 Channel DVR
Samsung SRD-1676DP – 16 Channel DVR

Hikvision DVR & Camera

DS-2CE15a2P(N)-IR Analog Dome Camera
DS-2CE15A2P(N)-VFIR3 Analog Bullet Camera
DS-2CE16DOT-IR TVI Bullet Camera
DS-2CE56DOT-IR TVI Dome Camera
DS-2CD2020F-I IP Bullet Camera
DS-7616NI-E2/16P 4/8/16 CHANNEL NVR

Dahua DVR & Camera

DH-IPC-HDBW5231E-Z5E Dome Camera
DH-IPC-HDBW5231E-ZE Dome Camera
DH-IPC-HDBW1420E Dome Camera
DH-IPC-HDW1420S Dome Camera
DH-IPC-HFW5231E-ZE Bullet Camera
DH-IPC-HFW2421R-ZS/VFS-IRE6 Bullet Camera
DHI-NVR5816/32/64-4KS2 4/8/16 CHANNEL NVR

Other CCTV Surveillance Products

17″ Philips LED Monitor
19″ Philips LED Monitor
24″ Prolink TV Monitor
DCK 255 Controller & keyboard
DHC20SETA – PTZ camera
Everfocus Ecor FHD 16 Channel DVR
IP Camera – Q10
IP Camera – Q6
IWD28 – AHD1080 – i12
IWD38V – AHD1080P -i15
IWB 48 – AHD1080-i24
IWD88 – AHD1080P -i24 white
IWD88 – AHD1080P -i24
Spy Pinhole Camera – Vesco

Astrol Security offers various security solutions to meet the demands of modern industries and provide the best possible service to our clients. Through alarms and CCTV installation, renting out CCTV systems, providing auto gate solutions including repair and maintenance, and other security solutions, we are able to strengthen the security measures within our client’s premises. We also have conventional car park gates, convex mirrors and even security guarding services for companies and other institutions. Please click on one of the services we offer that corresponds to your requirements to learn more about it. Should you have further enquiries, please feel free to reach out to us anytime!